The University of London has launched a hardship fund for our students.

What is the UoL Hardship Grant?
The University of London recognises that some students are experiencing financial hardship at unprecedented levels. A fund has been established to assist in providing discretionary financial assistance for all students regardless of programme, mode, or fee status to meet extra costs that cannot be met from other sources of support. You can apply for help from the grant at any time during the academic year. Grants are non-repayable. Grant applications are capped at £3,000. Students will usually make one application a year but in severe hardship situations a second application may be made. Students cannot use the fund to pay their tuition fees.

You must be able to demonstrate at least one of the following; 

  • That you are in financial difficulty, which puts you at risk from withdrawing from the University, interrupting (due to financial reasons) or delaying your return following interruption of study; 
  • That you have experienced unforeseen events, costs, loss of income, etc., including additional unexpected expenditure incurred as a result of changes in study conditions; 
  • That you are able to show that your access to funding is limited and impaired and means you cannot meet essential living costs; 
  • That you are (for unforeseen reasons) unable to afford essential equipment/software/textbooks as required by your programme of study. 

The grant is open to all students registered at the University of London’s School of Advanced Study, Institute in Paris (ULIP) or University of London Worldwide whether studying full time or part time, with home or international fee status, at Foundation year, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate (taught and research) including research students who are writing up their thesis.

How to apply?
Students need to complete the application form below. The University requires all sections to be completed in full. Supporting evidence should be provided in order to demonstrate the extent of the hardship claim. This may include bank statements, utility bills, and other expenditure etc. Claims should be supported by evidence of cost. Where your application arises from sudden unforeseen events, please explain these clearly. Where the funding need is to provide essential equipment, please explain why this is unforeseen (NB on application to a UoLW programme the expectation is that you will have to have a computer in order to study, so normally an application for hardship funding for a computer would not therefore be considered unless there were exceptional circumstances which had occurred causing problems to the basic requirement of a computer as standard equipment.

Forms should be submitted by email with any supporting evidence to the department with which you are registered. For students registered at the School of Advanced Study to SAS Registry (; For students registered with University of London Worldwide to Rebecca Strachan (

Decision and how this is communicated?
Award amounts are discretionary. You may not receive all that you ask for. Awards are determined on a case by case basis. The University will strive to get payments to students within 7 working days. Please ensure that you have completed all sections and provided all supporting documentation to ensure there are no delays in considering your application. You should complete the section requesting bank details so that we may make the payment by bank transfer. Normally payment will be in pounds sterling (or euros for ULIP students). Decisions are final and will be communicated to applicants via email.

Please download the application form here