New Publications

Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

The new Handbook of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights is edited by Dr Damien Short (Director of the Human Rights Consortium) and Dr Corinne Lennox (Associate Director of the Human Rights Consortium and ICWS Senior Lecturer in Human Rights). Numerous other academics from the School of Advanced Study have contributed to this volume, including Professor Paul Havemann (ICWS Senior Research Fellow), Dr Julian Burger (ICWS Lecturer in Human Rights in Latin America), Professor Rachel Sieder (ILAS Associate Fellow) and Dr Maria Sapignoli (former ICWS Fellow).

The Handbook of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights is published by Routledge. To watch the book launch from April 2016, click here.

Redefining Genocide: Settler Colonialism, Social Death and Ecocide 

In Redefining Genocide, Damian Short systematically rethinks how academia currently characterizes genocide and how it actually should define it in the future. Short uses close empirical analysis of several controversial yet underdiscussed case studies worldwide, such as Palestine, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Alberta’s Tar Sands. With intense examination of topical issues—such as fracking, environmental destruction, and the West Bank settlements—he reveals the key roles that settler colonialism, capitalism, finite resources, and the ecological crisis play in driving genocidal social death on a global scale. A provocative rethinking of how one of our world’s most disturbing aspects should be defined in the modern age, Redefining Genocide will be essential reading for all students and scholars of genocide studies.