Dr Corinne Lennox is a co-editor of the Journal of Human Rights Practice.

The Journal of Human Rights Practice, published by Oxford University Press, is the main academic journal focusing on human rights practice and activism. This online only journal covers all aspects of human rights activism, spanning professional and geographical boundaries.

Practical application of and academic interest in human rights has grown exponentially over the last decade. Activism – its methods, its ethical imperatives and dilemmas, its particular constituencies, its social and political impact, and even its organizational structure – has become the subject of rigorous scrutiny. New vehicles for the dissemination of the ideas, debates and arguments generated by this remarkable phenomenon are clearly required. The Journal of Human Rights Practice aims to capture learning and communicate the lessons of practice across professional and geographical boundaries, within and beyond the human rights mainstream, and to provide a platform for international and local practitioners world-wide. Such cross-fertilization will challenge conventional ways of working, stimulate innovation and encourage reflective practice.

The Journal of Human Rights Practice invites submissions on any topic that is related to the application and implementation of human rights. The journal publishes material in the form of original articles; shorter Policy and Practice Notes; and Review Essays. Special issue proposals are also welcomed.