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Wednesday 12 September 2018

Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights:
(Neo)colonialism, Neoliberalism, Resistance and Hope

The global launch will be held on the 13th of September in Toronto, Canada. A launch in the UK, hosted by the Human Rights Consortium, is to follow later this year. 

This anthology is an outcome of five years collaboration and research by Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights, an international research and participatory documentary project based in Africa, the Caribbean, India and Canada. It is a book for activists as well as academics and researchers and all those interested in advancing social justice and rights for LGBTIQ people.

“Above all, the book presents reports from some of the most fiercely fought battlegrounds of contemporary sexual politics, spearheaded by leading activists...Similarly, the contents will provide specific source material for academics across many interdisciplinary fields and disciplines in terms of gender and sexuality studies; postcolonial, sociological, sociolegal, cultural and film studies; and the fields of politics and social policy”
- foreword, by Corinne Lennox and Matthew Waites,

Preview chapter is available here: Narrain, Arvind (2018) Vacillating between empathy and contempt: the Indian judiciary and LGBT rights 

Available online or in print from 13 Sept 2018.