UK Network on Minority Groups and Human Rights

The HRC is pleased to announce its partnership with the UK Network on Minority Groups and Human Rights. The network was established in 2009 by scholars primarily based in the UK, under the initiative of Dr. Gaetano Pentassuglia. The Network aims to organise conferences, roundtables and publications on topical issues surrounding the rights of minority groups. The interests of members are diverse and the network welcomes the addition of new members.

One of the aims of the Network is to maintain a regular newsletter, updating colleagues on publications and events relating to minority groups and human rights, as well as disseminating the work of the network across the UK and internationally. The newsletter is co-edited by Dr Tawhida Ahmed, School of Law, University of Reading and Dr. Gaetano Pentassuglia, Law School, University of Liverpool.

Read the newsletter of the UK network on Minority Groups and Human Rights.

Read a recent report, an outcome of a 27 March workshop on Current Research Directions in Minority Rights. The second workshop took place on 12 June 2013 at the University of Reading.

This development was an expected outcome of the HRC co-funded conference in Minorities and Indigenous Peoples in November 2010

Any further information, please contact the HRC representative Dr Corinne Lennox from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies.