4-6 November 2020

The Workshop on Academic Freedom and the Internationalisation of HE set out to provide a platform for discussing the process of higher education internationalisation and its implications for academic freedom in various national contexts.

The internationalisation of higher education is a fast-developing phenomenon that now affects most universities around the globe. Without doubt, it is a complex process and, with its multiple components, it produces various outcomes. One the one hand, it facilitates the study and research across the globe; on the other, it has the potential to create new or aggravate the existing challenges to academic freedom. The workshop dedicated three panels, held over three consecutive days, to addressing those contradictions. The first and second panels looked at the challenges to academic freedom in Europe and the Americas. Panel three was dedicated to internationalisation and academic freedom in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Download the full Workshop programme

Download the abbreviated report from the workshop’s first panel

Download the abbreviated report from the workshop’s second panel - forthcoming

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