Statement of Purpose

The Academic Freedom and Internationalisation Working Group (AFIWG) is a new initiative that brings together academics from UK Higher Education institutions, who are supported by relevant civil society representatives and the All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group (PHRG), to strengthen protection for academic freedom and the academic community within the context of the internationalisation of UK Higher Education, broadly defined, by:

  • highlighting the fundamental importance of academic freedom to the UK Higher Education sector and its future success; 
  • assessing the current protection for academic freedom and members of the academic community in the context of the internationalisation of UK Higher Education;
  • identifying related risks and gaps; 
  • promoting a collective response by UK universities, particularly by preparing a model Code of Conduct for the UK Higher Education sector; and,
  • facilitating constructive engagement with relevant stakeholders in connection with the above, including to encourage adoption of the Code of Conduct by UK Higher Education institutions, in partnership with their respective academic communities, and develop and share best practice.

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This webpage is kindly hosted by the School of Advanced Study, University of London but the AFIWG is an independent network.
Members of the AFIWG serve in a voluntary capacity. To support its administration the AFIWG has received small grants from the University of Exeter and the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Accelerator Account.