The MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights far surpassed my expectations.  Every lecture and seminar was on a different but no less fascinating theme and the tutors were clear, engaging and knowledgeable.  I dipped into so many areas that I never realised I would be interested in and honed down on Human Rights in Latin America, specifically Colombia where I am now working.  I feel the course gave me a great overview of important issues and theories and demonstrated how they interconnect.  I now feel much better equipped to enter the world of human rights and excited to see how what we have learnt plays out in reality.

Hannah Matthews (2012-13)

This MA was invaluable to me - the lecturers, guest speakers (and subsequent exposure to so many organisations), Geneva trip, evening events and other students from such varied background all made this course interesting, challenging and just so worthwhile. I enjoyed every minute and still feel part of network and I really believe this course was instrumental in my being offered a job shortly after graduating.

Georgia Booth (2012-13)

Four years on and I am still so glad and grateful for having made the decision to do the MA in Human Right at SAS. Not only did I learn so much through the course, practical skills and the invaluable experience from the Internship. But the network of support that still exists has really been invaluable. I still receive emails with job adverts, and it’s so wonderful to have so many former classmates and friends working for such a diverse mix of organisation, here in London and across the world. I can't recommend the course enough for those who want to learn more amount human rights issues and prepare for a career in the third sector.

Louise Cripps (2009-10)

Having a background in law, I had some grasp of human rights issues before joining the course, however, the programme armed me with substantial additional theoretical and practical understanding of international human rights law, human rights theory, advocacy and research. It enabled me to seize very interesting job opportunities and to engage with human rights issues with confidence. The course ultimately played an important role in enabling me to shift my career and become a practicing human rights professional.

Tanja Venisnik (2012-13)

The multidisciplinary nature of the MA allowed me to gain insight into the various career paths I could follow while still having an impact on the human rights field. The Securing Human Rights module’s funding proposal project contributed significantly to my decision to focus on development and fundraising for important causes. I appreciated my work on the funding proposal/presentation and with my project having been focused on LGBT advocacy; it is rather gratifying that I am now employed in this field.  In addition to enjoying my work on the funding proposal and the entire MA, I gained a new found appreciation for grant writing to support human rights efforts and discovered talents that I otherwise wouldn’t have known existed. I am forever grateful to the MA for helping to inspire my career.

Denis Flavius (2011-12)

The MA in Human Rights was an immense benefit to all of the work that I have been doing since 2010, particularly due its inter-disciplinary focus. Theoretical and legal knowledge provided me with a solid foundation of concepts, principles, and laws that I have been able to apply in my work in Turkey, Kenya and Haiti. The practical module, which was what initially attracted me to the MA, was particularly useful in improving my skills and abilities in fundraising, project cycle management, advocacy and the rights-based approach to development. Practical understanding of all of these topics has been essential to any success I have had in my work with humanitarian and development agencies.

Angela Huddlestone (2009-10)