Experts say...

The MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights is annually reviewed by external examiners; in addition, we receive feedback about the MA from partners in NGOs and other organisations and from guest lecturers from universities nationally and internationally. This page showcases recent feedback the MA has received.

As a human rights NGO advocate, I have given a class on the MA every year since around 2009. I think this model - inviting practitioners to speak about their experiences - is an excellent one, and I find that the students react really well to it. They love getting to grips with a real life human rights problem and working on it in groups. And often they come up with some really great ideas, because they are not thinking within the usual organisational culture that tends to inform how we do things. I always come away from those lectures with a feeling of great optimism about the next generation of human rights advocates.

Chris Chapman - Indigenous Rights Researcher/Adviser, Gender, Sexuality and Identities Team, Amnesty International - International Secretariat

This programme is comprehensively designed to provide students with a full range of skills and knowledge, both academic and activist, to go on to work in the field of human rights promotion and protection. The students achieve very high standards of work, and are particularly strong in the practical areas of human rights policy and implementation.

Dr Michele Lamb, Roehampton University, MA external examiner, 2010-present

The programme provides a wide array of modules which gives students a broad understanding of human rights related issues. …The various forms of assessment provide different options for students to show their strengths and weaknesses. The standards achieved by students are very good indeed and show the high level quality of this programme.

Dr Marco Odello, Aberystwyth University,  MA External examiner 2010-present