Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

The MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights has an Erasmus+ partnership with Padova University, Padova, Italy. 

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020.  It replaces the previous programme Erasmus Mundus, which focused primarily on student exchange.  The Erasmus+ encompasses a wider range of programmes but still maintains the student exchange dimension.

Padova University offers an MA in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance.  Students of the MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights can attend courses offered as part of this MA programme at Padova University in either the autumn or spring terms.  A stipend will be awarded to cover some living and travel costs for students participating in the programme.

The MA in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance is a 2 year Master of Arts, equivalent to 120 ECTS-credits.  It is run in part by the Human Rights Centre at Padova University. The Human Rights Centre hosts the UNESCO Chair in “Human Rights, Democracy and Peace”; the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: “Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Multi-level Governance”; and Jean Monnet Chairs in European Studies.

The MA programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance is a contribution to developing a universal culture of human rights such as highlighted by UNESCO and the United Nations. Accordingly, it has a strong policy- and action-oriented approach. The MA in aims at developing ad-hoc knowledge and skills to promote and fulfil human rights within the broader context of legal and political processes and multi-level policies. Human rights law, multi-level governance framework, and the concepts of “human development” and “human security” are the paradigm of reference throughout the course.

Several course options in English are available (not all courses will run each year).  Students from the MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights are required to earn the equivalent number of ECTS to fulfil the requirements of their MA (see details above; the MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights courses are typically 10 ECTS each).  Course offerings at Padova University include:

  • European Union Law and Human Rights (6 ECTS);
  • Human Rights and International Justice (6 ECTS);
  • History of International Organisation (6 ECTS);
  • Women's Human Rights (9 ECTS);

More information on the MA in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance can be found here:

If you are interested to consider the Erasmus+ programme, please contact Dr. Corinne Lennox for further details.

The deadline for spring 2017 applications is the 15th of November 2016.

Guidance for Erasmus+ Students at SAS

We look forward to welcoming Erasmus+ students to SAS.  Further information on the MA programme can be found on these pages.  Student Support Services at SAS can be found here. Support for finding accommodation in London can be found here.