Our mission

The Human Rights Consortium (HRC) was established in 2009 to facilitate and promote research in human rights in the UK and internationally. The HRC’s mission focuses on enhancing the promotion of the human rights research and related activities of scholars nationally and internationally. It aims to build upon the existing successes, networks and expertise of the School Members’ Institutes and develop a particular forum of discipline-focused human-rights-led activities that would both benefit both the Institutes’ strategies and the School as a whole. The Consortium achieves its mission by:

  • organising and supporting academic, policy and practice-oriented events on human rights;
  • disseminating research on human rights;
  • fostering national and international networks of human rights academics;
  • hosting visiting fellows working in human rights;
  • contributing to the training of research students working on human rights;
  • enhancing the teaching and learning environment for graduate students;
  • and by raising funds in support of human rights research and research support.

The HRC is hosted by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the School of Advanced Study.