The Human Rights Consortium has established a Doctoral and Early Career Research Associates Network, whose aim is to bring together researchers at the beginning of their academic career together to explore avenues for interdisciplinary research in order to explore intersections within their research beyond disciplinary boundaries, provide a forum to enable researchers to contribute to national and international policy, and to provide a way in which researchers at the start of their career can collaborate on bringing their research to a wider public through events and publications. 

To apply to join the Doctoral and Early Career Research Associates Network, please download the documents below and submit the application form to

Further Particulars [PDF]

Application form [Word document]


Name and Affiliation Research Interests
Dr Yvonne Kyriakides Contemporary Western art as a response to genocide; art and photography and ethics
Ms Haifa Rashed Genocide studies; minority rights; colonisation; Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Ms Rachel Seoighe, King's College London Gender analysis; state-corporate crime; refugee law; asylum policy
Dr Natasha Posner Climate change, fossil fuel extraction and human rights; corporate strategies in response to human rights claims